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Our Story:
Inspired by a River of Memories.

The St. Croix River begins as a humble stream guarded by tall pines in northwestern Wisconsin. It gains quiet strength as it flows southward on its 225-mile course, eventually marking the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota. The National Park Service even designated it as a National Scenic Riverway.


Creating Waves.

Pady Regnier, founder of St. Croix Promotions & Retail, grew up paddling kayaks, waterskiing, and boating on that peaceful river. She spent summers and winters at Girl Scout Camp there, not far from St. Paul. Fun? You betcha!

So when it came time to name her new company in 1993, she remembered the St. Croix River for its steadfast course. Its beauty. And its risky charm. Perfect!

Now with 80 employees and a shared vision, St. Croix Promotions & Retail is growing to be one of the most respected and reliable firms in the industry. Like the river, the course is clear and true.

St. Croix might bring to mind a Caribbean island for some people. Or fishing poles or sweaters. But for us, it’s about knowing where you come from, where you’re going, and how to have fun along the way.


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