We are Brand Merchants.

Custom Solutions:
Ideas as Unique as Your Brand.

Sure, other promo companies have mugs. We have mugs, too. Travel mugs. Coffee mugs. Funny mugs. More and more mugs. They have branded shirts. We have branded shirts, too. Nice ones, smooth and comfy. In lots of colors. Lots of styles. They have pens. We have pens. You guessed it: tons of pens here.  Here at St. Croix Promotions, great selection is just the start.

custom image

We deliver a custom solution for your company—a brand-strategic, mindful, and results-focused answer. Maybe that mug, shirt, pen, or award item already exists. Maybe we need to create a new idea. They can’t do that.  

Let’s see what we can do for you.

Contact us today to learn more about how the creative and strategic team at St. Croix can develop exceptional promotional items for your brand.