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Attraction Retail:
Set to Sale from Museums to Malls.

Launch your revenue potential with St. Croix Retail’s know-how. We develop and source branded gift shops, concessions, and major event retail operations that convert your camera-clicking guests into willingly delighted shoppers.


SEA LIFE Aquarium at the Mall of America

No need to hold your breath here! This top-side shop is top-notch, with a wild assortment of attraction-branded and sea-themed merchandise. In addition to wearables and other traditional souvenirs, the inventory includes an array of purposeful items, such as plush, toys and quality glassware.


UPTOWN MN at Ridgedale Center

Uptown MN shares the creativity of Minnesota through unique gifts and products. The store features locally inspired apparel, jewelry, home décor, artwork, books, snacks, and more. Shop local and find the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for women, men, and kids at Uptown MN. Located on Level 2, near Macy’s in Ridgedale Center, Minnetonka, Minnesota.


SWAROVSKI at Ridgedale Center

Founded in 1895, Swarovski is the world's leading manufacturer of cut crystal. Today, the Swarovski brand represents the height of unmatched quality, unique variety, crystal brilliance, and cutting edge innovation. We are recognized worldwide for fashionably translating the latest trends into product lines such as brilliantly faceted crystal jewelry, watches, accessories, giftware, home décor and collectibles. Located on Level 2, near Macy’s in Ridgedale Center, Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Tickle impulse shoppers in the wallet with fun, gotta-have-it-now selections.

Tug at members’ loyalty heartstrings through fine mementos.

Nudge Daddy and Mommy to say yes to a souvenir that will be loved, loved, loved (at least until lunch time).

St. Croix Retail works with your organization or institution to create floor plans, inventory, staffing schedules, and other merchandising plans that center on your brand or theme.

Our extensive expertise in cultural commerce, tourism marketing, product sourcing, and on-site retail operations covers all the territory seamlessly. So you can focus on your gig—from feeding the sharks to entertaining little ankle-biters.

Sale away with St. Croix Retail today. Contact us and we’ll help to tap more revenue from your venue’s branded apparel, gifts, toys, candy, and souvenirs.