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Pop-Up Retail:
Shopping. Now.

Seasonal gifts. Souvenirs. Specialty items. We adore these merchandise darlings of impulse shoppers, tourists, and event participants. And so will your bean counters.

Temporary Stores, Kiosks, and Concessions

girl scouts logo 150Girl Scouts

St. Croix made a big imact on the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary celebration with a pop-up retail store and kiosks for a two-day event at Mall of America. In addition to staffing, merchandising, and everything else associated with opening a retail store, St. Croix also developed a complete product line.

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Our attractive temporary shops leverage retail opportunities with turnkey set up, staffing, and teardown. Location is everything. But timing is critical. Long learning curves? No-can-do. Ramp up and roll!

With our extensive promotional background to deepen our sourcing capabilities and inventory selection, St. Croix has the edge on pop-up retail. We stock what's right for the moment, what's right for the target market. The right colors, styles, and designs. Even more, some target markets shop for sustainability. Green ideas. Products that repurpose from cradle to grave. Recyled, reusable? No problem. We also carry socially responsible selections from nonprofit organizations. Just the mix to trigger that impulse.


If your corporation, retail venue, or organization is looking for a seasonal or event-driven pop-up shop, contact St. Croix. We make here-today and gone-tomorrow a win-win.